day 356

December 21, 2012

day 356Since Kent & Becca were in town she planned a nice evening with an elegant dinner, prizes for the kids & chocolate fountain desert.  It was a good evening!


day 355

December 20, 2012

day 355Kent & Becca & their kids came in town for a few days.  We all made gingerbread houses today!!

day 353

December 18, 2012

day 353

Preston made this Rudolph at school as a gift for me.  The back says:

“To make your 2012 Christmas merry,

Here is Rudolph with a nose like a cherry.

His antlers are my hands, as you can see.

Keep this always and think of me.

I love you now, I’ll love you then,

Until the year one million ten.”

I love it!!! Thanks Preston.

day 349

December 14, 2012

day 349We went to Fresno with Grammer and ended up getting pictures with Santa.  Audrey had no issues going up to a strange white bearded man, she was quite excited actually to go up to him and sit on his lap.