November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Preston said to me today, “I’m going to be sad tomorrow to go to school because we’re learning our numbers to count to 100, and I don’t like to because I can’t count to 100”.  So, I said let’s practice! He can count by 10’s to 100 so I thought this shouldn’t be bad. But he was skipping all over the place.  He thinks logically so I thought I might as well show him that it’s in a pattern and not as hard as he thinks. He wrote the 10, 20, 30…100.  And I told him to start counting & I would write in all the numbers.  When we got to 30 I drew the lines to show him the pattern & at about 50 it clicked and he was getting it.  For some reason he mixes up 7, 8, & 9 (we’ve been working on that), so he does have to learn a little more but by the fact that he stood there for this photo and is smiling, that shows that he’s getting it and is proud of himself.  I LOVE how happy he gets when he understands a new skill.